Class of Leather Body & Soul

Body & Soul

Leather is not only intended for the rustic audience. The kymo range of leather utilizes a traditional material that undergoes contemporary processes - and the result, an entirely new class of leather. The careful choreography of the finest French cow skin, fused with precise and modern craftsmanship, comes out with a very technical touch. Body & Soul glams up with an elaborate appliqué: peppered with silver and gold flecks, the surface receives a unique look, that adds the right portion of luxury!

Our leather rugs are all made of single patches with a standard size of 30 x 30cm. Due to this, are the standard sizes of the rugs a little different to the other products.

black & silver

black & silver



silver rain

silver rain

golden rain

golden rain

black & gold

black & gold

Product details

Surface material

French cow skin



Standard sizes

180x240 cm | 210x210 cm | 210x300 cm | 240x360 cm | 300x390 cm

Custom sizes


Maximum size

600x600 cm

Custom shapes


Custom colors

on request

Outdoor use

not suitable

Suitable for floor heating


Acoustic behavior

weakly sound absorbing

Electrostatic behavior

anti static

Capability to restore

weak capability to restore: furniture could leave marks; we recommend furniture glides, especially for chairs.



Overall weight per square meter

2,5 kg / m2

Total height

1,1 cm

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