Experimental 2Tone FX Checker Cross

2Tone FX Checker Cross

Listen up! Listen up! Can you hear it? Reggae. Ska. Punk. Electronica. These are the extremes, the elements that make up every 2TONE carpet. Drawn to each other, and in combination, in their new setting, they create a new idea, a new spark. Like two tones that merge as a new chord. Two colours that result in an image. Two moods that create a sense of effortlessness. Reduced to the essential, a clearer picture, it is driven by a rhythm whose full impact is unveiled in the surface texture. That’s kymo’s 2TONE collection in a nutshell: Hypnotic. Bouncy. Bouncy. Back and forth. Putting the emphasis on the counterpoint. For that certain friction. That certain tension. Never stop.

black & grey

black & grey

grey & black

grey & black

Product details

Surface material




Standard sizes

170x240 cm | 200x200 cm | 200x300 cm | 250x350 cm | 300x400 cm

Custom sizes


Maximum size

600x1000 cm

Custom shapes

not available

Custom colors

not available

Outdoor use


Suitable for floor heating


Acoustic behavior

weakly sound absorbing

Electrostatic behavior

anti static

Capability to restore

good capability to restore: suitable for tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides.


very good

Overall weight per square meter

4,25 kg / m2

Total height

1,3 cm

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