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Wool Range Line Up

Line Up

Nordic flair offering the ideal balance between reserved modernity and outgoing cosiness – that’s LINE UP, especially in a lounge area. Thick, soft strands of wool, tightly packed to convey comfort and lend a gentle and elastic step underfoot. The thin cotton yarn comes in cool, contrasting colours to add a modern touch to a room, complete with discreet patterns and subtle contrasts. Lining up the pattern underscores the thinking behind the name of this, the latest product in the Nordic range. It also builds a bridge to music, always a big theme for kymo. LINE UP. The perfect addition to your living room.

electric blue

electric blue

classic blue

classic blue



dark mauve

dark mauve



Product details

Surface material

new wool & cotton



Standard sizes

170x240 cm | 200x200 cm | 200x300 cm | 250x350 cm | 300x400 cm

Custom sizes


Maximum size

400x600 cm

Custom shapes

on request

Custom colors

on request

Outdoor use

not suitable

Suitable for floor heating


Acoustic behavior

fairly sound absorbing

Electrostatic behavior

anti static

Capability to restore

good capability to restore: suitable for tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides.



Overall weight per square meter

2,8 kg / m2

Total height

1,3 cm

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