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The Loft

Minimalist. Elegant. The Loft. Four Material types provide classic designs for different applications.

new Grey wool carpet with delicately shimmering banana silk fibres.

A carpet that fascinates the eye, flatters the feet and quiets the mind.

dark blue modern rug with shiny gem pattern on matt wool

Design by Katharina Tannous

Luminous lava gushing into the icy sea, the birth of a new element: OBSIDIAN.

minimalist grey rug with bauhaus-inspired regular stripe design

Design by Katharina Tannous

Bauhaus – still fresh and modern after 100 years! Of course we couldn’t let an important anniversary pass us by, as this eye-catching design by Katharina Tannous...

grey rug with light vintage treatment handwoven from viscose
Mark 2 Viscose

The unique look and feel from the contrast or the give and take between fine viscose and an uncompromisingly thorough vintage treatment.

light grey rug with dark base fabric handknotted from viscose
Dune Max Viscose

DUNE owes its name to the ups, downs and undulations of sand dunes. Now in Viscose to add more glamour and shine to the equation.

black high shine rug handwoven from viscose
Studio NYC Pearl Edition

Like a pearl necklace is framing a woman’s neck so perfectly with effortless beauty, this FLOORWEAR® draws on the natural elegance of viscose.

red high shine rug handwoven from viscose with sublte stripes
Suite Paris Viscose

The city is a symphony. It’s the monotone rattling of a train hurtling along the tracks. The sounds of the city is like music to the ears of our urban society.

shiny blue rug with tiny white dots
Space 89 Viscose

Space. The final frontier... new worlds, innumerable planets and stars. It’s almost as if the design allows you to see everything at the same time.

soft golden rug with metallic look and irregular stripes handwoven from bananasilk
Melting Point

Colossal heat and glistening light. The fire blazes with its tremendous power. The metal begins to flow once it has reached melting point, pouring slowly and steadily into form.

new soft grey rug with minimalist design and metallic look handwoven from shiny bananasilk
Melting Lines

Design by Eva Langhans

Metals have fascinated people for thousands of years. As a versatile material that can either be a weapon, a cooking pot...

handwoven rug in intense blue made from soft yet resilient polyester
Studio NYC PolySilk

And now there’s kSILK! Modelled on polyester, this is a fibre perfect for use on floors. kSILK is durable but remains wonderfully soft and shiny.

brown handwoven rug made from resilient yet soft polyester
MARK 2 PolySilk

This carpet gets its unique look & feel from the contrast or give & take between fine kSILK yarn and an uncompromisingly thorough vintage treatment.

thick pink rug handtufted from sustainable Tencel strongly sound absorbing
Studio NYC Classic Edition

The timeless, minimalistic design integrates itself harmoniously into almost any environment while still preserving its character.

grey wool rug handwoven with vintage treatment
Mark 2 Wool

A carpet without the slightest bit of pomp and circumstance. Instead, the shag wool highlights the honesty of this piece.

thick grey rug without pattern handwoven from New Zealand wool strongly sound absorbing
Studio NYC Raw Wool Edition

Excellent wool that is both, noble and robust, and underlines the minimalist classiness with every single fibre.

The Loft - Our best projects

A kymo classic reflecting subtle elegance, blending in perfectly in hotels, offices and even the opera…


Cordia, Budapest

Hungary’s leading development company recently moved into new headquarters in Budapest. A selection of rooms now encompass custom-made carpets from kymo...

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Swedish State Opera, Stockholm

For this fascinating project, we found ourselves in the recording studio of the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm. It’s here that exquisite music is recorded before being polished to perfection for posterity. It’s here that every minute detail matters. It’s here that all acoustics have to be as clean as a whistle.

Further details and images

The best of all worlds - residential, hospitality, yachts, office, and retail:

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