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The Loft

Classic designs for a wide range of applications. Minimalist. Elegant. The Loft.


thick pink rug handtufted from sustainable Tencel strongly sound absorbing
Studio NYC Classic Edition

The timeless, minimalist design blends harmoniously into almost any environment while retaining its character.

black high shine rug handwoven from viscose
Studio NYC Pearl Edition

Our most elegant classic made from viscose. Double-washed after weaving, it develops a velvety lustre that gives the rug an elegant pearlescent sheen.

handwoven rug in intense blue made from soft yet resilient polyester
Studio NYC PolySilk

With the look and feel of silk, this synthetic fibre is easy to care for yet has a silky shimmer and delicate feel.

thick grey rug without pattern handwoven from New Zealand wool strongly sound absorbing
Studio NYC Raw Wool Edition

High-quality wool that is both noble and robust and underlines the minimalist elegance with every single fibre.


new grey wool carpet with delicately shimmering banana silk fibres

A rug that fascinates the eye, flatters the feet and calms the mind.

glossy colourful carpet with tiny white dots
Space 89 Viscose

Outer space. Infinite expanses. Home to countless planets and stars. This design gives the impression that you can see them all.

rug with light vintage treatment hand-woven from viscose
Mark 2 Viscose

The MARK 2 Viscose fascinates with its unique look made from silky, shimmering viscose with a vintage treatment, lending it a charm of rock noblesse.

hand-woven rug made of durable yet soft polyester with a vintage look
MARK 2 PolySilk

The MARK 2 PolySilk is the robust alternative to silk rugs with a delicate vintage look and lively texture.

handwoven wool rug for every application with texture
Mark 2 Wool

The MARK 2 Wool impresses with its durability and matt texture of noble understatement, which lasts and brings out the best in every piece of furniture.


soft grey rug with minimalist design and metallic look handwoven from shiny bananasilk
Melting Lines

Design by Eva Langhans

The shiny metallic surface of this Floorwear® is regularly interrupted by fine lines that look as if they have been artfully engraved.

soft golden rug with metallic look and irregular stripes handwoven from bananasilk
Melting Point

With the grace of liquid precious metals, MELTING POINT fascinates with its reflective play of light and pure elegance.

high-gloss rug hand-woven from viscose with fine stripes
Suite Paris Viscose

Its discreet tone-on-tone design comes across with a naturalness that makes it unagitatedly lively.

modern rug with shiny tone-in-tone gemstone pattern on matt wool

Design by Katharina Tannous

Glowing lava gushes into icy seawater. The birth of a new element: OBSIDIAN.

bauhaus style rug with stripe pattern wool and viscose matt gloss contrast

Design by Katharina Tannous

Only the matt-gloss contrast of two alternating materials in tone-on-tone colours creates the pattern.