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Whether patio, balcony, bathroom or kitchen - our robust outdoor models can withstand any challenge.

Light outdoor rug with woven flexible belt pattern.

Design by Eva Langhans

The border crosser among carpets.

playful outdoor rug with modular circle pattern
Open Loop

Design by Eva Langhans

OPEN LOOP breaks up familiar patterns and playfully treads new paths in endless recombination of itself.

braided green rug suitable for outdoor use made from durable polypropylene

The perfect blend, pulled together with care and attention. And always says something important about its creator.

natural looking outdoor carpet in a freeform design

Design by Eva Langhans

A single line that, starting in the centre, develops into an organic form.

new water repellant outdoor rug with unusual braided pattern
Shapes in a Box

Design by Eva Langhans

SHAPES IN A BOX is our playfully amorph SHAPES design fit into a more classic rectangular rug.

light and flat outdoor rug with fringes

Super flat. Super easy. Super convertible. SUPERFLAT. A hand-woven all-rounder for difficult areas indoors and of course also cuts a fine figure outdoors.

chic and sustainable outdoor rug made from recycled plastic bottles waterrepellant and robust
Mark 2 Outdoor

MARK 2 Outdoor combines the timeless chic of its sister models with sustainable versatility. Hand-tufted from recycled PET, it is water-repellent, sustainable and robust, yet stylish.