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Voluminous luxury.

Popular since the 1970s and an indispensable design element in modern interior design, the high-pile rug brings warmth and cosiness to any room.

grey, voluminous high pile carpet with delicately twisted fibres
SG Dive PolySilk

Dive in and let yourself drift to the rhythm of the waves.

fluffy beige high-pile rug handmade from polyester
SG Airy Premium

With playful lightness, the SG Airy Premium creates the typical lounge flair and brings a breath of fresh air into any room.

fluffy rug handmade from polyester
SG Airy Premium Low Cut

The shortened pile in the ‘Low Cut’ version makes it even easier to care for and ensures a more discreet, but no less relaxed look.

fluffy high-pile rug made from polyesterm with different coloured strands
SG Airy Premium Blend

In the 'Blend' version, 2 or 3 colours are combined with each other. This creates a particularly lively interplay of nuances.

fluffy light grey rug made from polyester
SG Airy Premium Blend Low Cut

The substantially shorter pile continues an ardent minimalism without a loss to its inherent vivacity.

high pile carpet with colour gradient
SG Airy Premium Gradient

Two colours combine to create a soft colour gradient. Any combination of our standard colours is possible.

scandinavian style fluffy rug made from wool and polyester
SG Northern Soul

Lush meadows and steep rocks. A vast countryside uninhibited and refreshing – a small wooden cottage, warm and invigorating.

scandinavian style rug made from wool and polyester
SG Northern Soul Low Cut

The thick yarn of the natural warmth-providing wool in combination with thin polyester threads lends this carpet a fresh vivacity.

Super soft and voluminous real fur rug made from lamb skin
Living Soul

Relaxed naturalness for the senses and soul.

new super soft rectangular real fur rug made from sheep skin
Natural Soul

Natural Soul is the short-haired counterpart to Living Soul. A melange coat from New Zealand sheep, which has a slightly curly texture due to its shorter hair.

soft vegan faux fur rug
Urban Soul

As original and natural as a coat, as technical and intelligent as its design. Urban Soul is kymo's alternative to real fur carpets.