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The Finest collection book

The THE FINEST collection book also comes as PDF file.

Tradition meets Design

“Originality and naturalness are among the most important values of our modern time. We want to be authentic and genuine, we long to be at one with nature, we handpick the ingredients that go into our lives every day. These are desires we unite in THE FINEST. Carefully selected materials that reflect incomparable beauty because of their natural irregularity, only truly brought to life through the handwork of masters in their trade.”

Denis Türker Managing Director kymo GmbH

A sublime synergy between nature and artistic handwork

THE FINEST. Design excellence. Profound, professional handwork. The most exquisite materials offered by nature. Drawing on a tradition going back millennia, artistically hand-knotted, each carpet is an expression of individual character, a statement representing everything but rigid, modern mass production. The expression of originality.

The nuances of knotting

Creativity calls for cooperation... which is why our carpets pass through the hands of many and experienced experts in the making. This concept runs down the backbone of everything that goes into THE FINEST.

The carpetmakers capture the unique atmosphere of their surroundings – compositions of the rugged mountains of the Himalayas, the picturesque river landscapes of India and the tropical forests of Thailand. Mostly traditional, family-run enterprises, they have succeeded in remaining true to our respect for nature and attention to detail. For generations, many fathers passed on the secrets of their handwork to their sons. Even today, a whole host of experienced master craftsmen continue to weave each carpet completely by hand, turning to exactly the same tools as their ancestors.

Special in subtle ways

Handwork. In every twist and turn. From carefully spinning the yarn to chain-stitching every edge on every carpet. The life and soul of THE FINEST. As is every yarn, born of nature, each with its unique touch and feel. Each with its different thickness, feel and lustre. Skilfully spun by the spinner, sometimes looser, sometimes tighter, carefully permitting the chosen pigments to permeate each chosen fibre.

The product: a vivid manifestation of colour, each unique in its subtle differences. A one-off, one-of-a-kind example of THE FINEST.

Enchanted by each knot

The hallmark of perfection. Behold a carpet sporting a label that says THE FINEST and you know that every carefully crafted knot was merely an elemental ingredient of something much mightier. Tying each knot took superlative dexterity, the keenest eye and – perhaps most importantly – patience, the prudence and consideration of the worker who knotted this work of art.

Handknotting is indeed a unique art form that above all needs one key ingredient: time. It takes 125 hours to weave 155 thousand knots and produce just a single square metre of the finest carpet. Each painstakingly conceived, the designs of deliberation. The finer the yarn and the more intricate and tighter the knot, the more refined and more artistic the resulting pattern.

kymo The Finest logo

A treasure-trove of mother nature

The epitome of luxury. Gloriously soft yet strong and hard-wearing, superbly shiny and pleasantly uniform – come hot or cold. Because only Mother Nature knows how to deal with its innate diversity. And few will disagree that silk, mohair and new zealand wool are such treasures of nature, meriting their role as the underlying motivation behind THE FINEST concept.

The almost endless strands of Chinese Mulberry silk are believed to be the finest fibres that can be woven by the human hand. With its luxurious lustre, this silk has been the object of fascination of emperors and kings since time immemorial. Originating from the Angora goats of South Africa, the mohair in our carpets is also very different – compared to sheep’s wool, it is much finer, offering unique shine and making it ideal for regulating warmth and moisture. Our wool comes from the endless green pastures of New Zealand. This wool is so wonderfully soft to the touch and its matt composition so subtle and understated, it’s spellbinding.

All of our premium yarns are delicately spun and dyed by hand. As a result, they will contain small, natural irregularities – an intrinsic ingredient of the unique heart and soul of each carpet.


Unique and of timeless elegance. A Floorwear® made from the essence of the finest raw material, carefully handcrafted and with each knot a work of art in itself.
Mohair 95 close-up

The Finest

Mohair 95

Mohair handknotted

95.000 knots per m2

The noble yarn from the hair of the Angora goat is hard to beat in its fineness and is one of the highest quality and most exclusive wool fibers from nature. Exquisite and yet completely different! THE FINEST mohair 95. Because less is so often more... Fewer rotations during spinning give the yarn more volume and room for the color pigments to unfold. Fewer knots result naturally from the thicker yarn and, in the Persian knotting technique, emphasize the carpet's very own character. This creates an unmistakable roughness that could not be more original. As a counterbalance, an intense gloss finish comes at the end, which finally makes the look perfect. Luxurious heartiness in 95-thousand knots.

Silk 155 close-up

The Finest

Silk 155

Silk handknotted

155.000 knots per m2

Elegant, intense and oh so mesmerizing. THE FINEST silk 155. Made of pure Chinese mulberry silk, knotted in countless hours, it is the epitome of luxury. And especially in classic knotted carpets, silk has a long tradition, but in this case it is wonderfully simple and without any pattern. As one of the most valuable fibers in textile processing, silk is prized for its incomparably soft feel and yet impresses with its durability. In its natural elegance, THE FINEST silk 155 captivates with its multi-layered sheen as well as its wealth of details and fine color nuances. In just one square meter, around 155 thousand Nepalese knots are strung tightly together, conjuring up a true work of art. THE FINEST in its purest form.


Valuable yarn. Filigree handwork. Fascinating designs.
The finest natural materials combine to create an ensemble of art, tradition, and craftsmanship.
A multitude of Nepalese knots combine the finest New Zealand wool and delicately shimmering silk to create a total work of art with impressive contrasts and fascinating plays of light.
Hybrid Effect close-up

The Finest

Hybrid Effect

New Zealand Wool

Design: Katharina Tannous

Opposites in harmony. HYBRID EFFECT from THE FINEST collection is a blend of the impressions created by technology and soft, natural materials. The finest New Zealand wool tufted by hand into a compact surface; futuristic elements almost reminiscent of stars, masterfully carved out of space. Add light and shadow and the carpet reveals its relief. The result: a singularly special look and feel, a transition to the third dimension.

Hybrid Effect detail
“As a trained designer of jewellery, I'm fascinated by intricate designs and working with sculptures. Carving materials allows me to re-explore this facet of art. Using this technique allows you to take a carpet, which has comparatively little depth or volume, and work a relief into it. What started out as an even surface changes into a topographic ornament, which only reminds you of its original idea, a metal mesh, when viewed from a distance.”

Katharina Tannous Design & Product Development kymo GmbH

Hybrid Effect top view Buyers information
Mokume close-up

The Finest


Wool & Silk

Design: Katharina Tannous

MOKUME by THE FINEST proves how lively a tone-on-tone colour scheme can be when it is uniquely staged with light. Because light is not just light. It is the decisive design feature. This opens up curved, lively forms that take shape in luxuriously shimmering silk. This is contrasted by the matt shimmering New Zealand wool which, in interaction with the silk, allows the organic pattern to grow further. The result is a natural grain reminiscent of the annual rings of a tree, as well as the characteristic pattern on fine Damascus steel, as it has been masterfully crafted for hundreds of years.

Mokume detail
"Again, I draw on the repertoire of my goldsmith training for inspiration. Mokume means wood grain in Japanese, and is also found there in blacksmithing. Different materials are welded together, artfully forged and rolled until a wonderful flowing grain results, reminiscent of grown wood structures. This translation into a completely different, textile material was very appealing to me and with THE FINEST I found a way to realise it in the highest quality. Here, 155,000 knots are tied in one m2 to achieve this wonderful look and only the best materials are processed in the finest handwork in Nepal."

Katharina Tannous Design & Product Development kymo GmbH

Mokume top view Buyers information
Illuminate close-up

The Finest


Wool & Silk

Design: Eva Langhans

ILLUMINATE, from THE FINEST, is evidence that monochrome colour schemes can indeed be dynamic, especially by inviting light onto the stage. Light is not just about brightness, it can also play a pivotal role in shaping a design by teasing out its potential to add drama. The lustrous matt of New Zealand wool gently reproduces light reflections, a mirror to its soft touch and feel; yet it also provides a contrast to the serene shimmer of pure silk, consummated in a fragile pattern and constantly appearing to shift with the changing perspective of the beholder.

Illuminate detail
“The starting point for this design was music, from a technical perspective. When I’m working on a design, I’m strongly influenced by abstractness. I see dissolving images of a turntable and the linear controls of a mixing console, disseminating into a lattice of a thousand stars. Each element is fragmented but then recomposed in a new context, conscious of the visual imagery of traditional carpet patterns, building a bridge between hi-tech electronics and the masters of the ancient art of knotting.”

Eva Langhans Creative Director kymo GmbH

Illuminate top view Buyers information
Ornamental Garden close-up

The Finest

Ornamental Garden

Wool & Silk

Design: Katharina Tannous

ORNAMENTAL GARDEN is a modern-day interpretation of classic composition in hand-knotted oriental carpets. A blossom becomes an ornament, the abstract embodiment of the tiniest elements, realigned and reunited, overlapping and intersecting, a transition into a translation of our times. This is a metamorphosis with a difference, worthy of the designs of Royal landscape architecture.

Ornamental Garden detail
“The value of a garden in the Orient is not just a reflection of precious water, the foundation of all life, but also a love of clarity and geometry. An intricately planned ornamental garden is an invitation to relax, luxuriating in its beauty. Just like its role models in the real world, ORNAMENTAL GARDEN beseeches the beholder to linger and meander, to trace the geometric order as each line reinvents its composition, branches off and opens up unexplored paths.”

Katharina Tannous Design & Product Development kymo GmbH

Ornamental Garden top view Buyers information

Buyers Information for The Finest

Our THE FINEST collection is exclusively available via some hand-picked retailers and directly with your contact person at kymo. Get in contact with us and we'll help you to get your exclusive piece of THE FINEST floorwear as soon as possible.


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Sonja McSharry



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