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soft high pile rug with colour progression from beige to grey


Our popular SG Airy Premium high pile rug gets a new sister model: the SG Airy Premium Gradient.

The play of the wind changes colours, shapes and structures. Inspired by this, our rug design changes its appearance with every movement and shimmers in the most diverse facets depending on the incidence of light.


high pile rug with colour progression sg airy premium gradient solid steel and beige grey-1


As the new variant's name "Gradient" already suggests, this modern designer rug is characterised by a gentle colour gradient. Two compatible main colours from our SG Airy colour range always blend into each other. 


Our Creative Director Eva Langhans has already selected and tested five current colour combinations for you:


Muster Hochflorteppich mit Farbverlauf SG Airy Premium Gradient


  • coffee bean & roasted chestnut
  • solid steel & beige grey
  • seagull & creme beige 
  • wild dove & creme beige
  • ash grey & icey grey


Any combination of our AIRY standard colours as well as custom colours are also possible on request.


soft high pile rug with colour progression for modern interiors


The soft colour gradient makes the rug seem incredibly lively, as if the light is actively playing on it, no matter what time of day it is. This is enhanced by the material's own reflection on the light and airy fibres, which makes each individual tuft shimmer brighter or darker depending on its orientation, adding another facet to the wonderful play of light and shade. 


soft high pile rug with grey to black colour progression for modern interiors


It's impossible to tell where one colour begins and the next ends, thanks to the long fibres and finely graduated yarn dyeing. The weightless colour transition gives this modern high-pile carpet made of easy-care polyester a cloud-like texture that makes you want to sink in and float away. A rug with a colour gradient as picturesque as a sunrise or as lively as a change of weather from rain to sunshine.



The combination of two highly fashionable interior colours makes this fluffy designer rug suitable for any interior design concept. Our new high pile rug is particularly suitable for modern living environments, which at the same time radiate loungy cosiness and brings a breath of fresh air into every room with its playful airiness.


soft high pile rug with colour gradient for modern living-1


The fine polyester threads, which give this carpet with colour gradient its airy, voluminous character, are gossamer yet very robust. The closed structure of the polyester prevents dust, dirt and moisture from penetrating the fibres, making this high-pile carpet particularly easy to clean and allergy-friendly.


fluffy high pile rug with colour progression from beige to grey


The long fibres have a particularly sound-absorbing effect due to their fullness and additionally in combination with our SUPERSONIC felt backing. The SG Airy Premium Gradient high pile carpet not only provides a warm living feeling itself, but is also suitable for underfloor heating. Also available as a round rug on request, other special shapes are possible.


round high pile rug with colour gradient


If you have any questions or requests regarding your kymo rug, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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