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avant-garde outdoor designer rug grey white black uv resistant water repellant durable


In her vision of the future, CROSSOVER, designer Eva Langhans transgresses the boundaries of the formal-aesthetic rug norm and creates a collage of finely woven, hard-wearing belts that, in its technical character, adds an avant-garde variant to the Floorwear® concept.

The natural-looking material of this rug withstands sun and moisture, so that this carpet can be used not only indoors but also outdoors.


braided rug for indoor and outdoor crossover handmade-1


At the crossroads of innovation and tradition, materiality and imagination, the CROSSOVER rug conveys a cosmopolitan and urban flair through the subtle three-dimensionality of its hand-woven belts, which tells of the great metropolises of this world and yet does not lose any of its naturalness. 


crossover grey white outdoor indoor rug water repellant uv resistant


This extraordinary carpet design is completed by our two standard colours concrete and tar. Special colours are also available on request. Choose the right rug for your living room, hallway or for flexible use in the kitchen or bathroom, on the balcony or terrace, by the pool or in spa landscapes. The braided rug is available in the following standard sizes: 170x240cm, 200x200cm, 200x300cm, 250x350cm and 300x400m. 



The robust polyacrylic ribbons, joined by careful hand braiding, make the carpet also suitable for areas with heavy traffic. Nevertheless, furniture can leave marks on the rug. To minimise these, we recommend furniture glides.  

Due to its avant-garde design, this rug is particularly flat and can thus be used more often near doors, depending on how much floor space you have under your doors. The modern, flat weave does not require any pile at all, making it a particularly easy-care eye-catcher. 


braided rug for indoor and outdoor crossover grey-1


The rug material is spinneret-dyed directly during production, which is not only particularly environmentally friendly and water-saving, but also makes the CROSSOVER outdoor rug UV-resistant at the same time. This means that you can enjoy intense colour on your terrace with CROSSOVER for a long time, even when the sun is shining. We recommend turning the carpet regularly to prevent one-sided stress and light exposure. 


crossover grey white outdoor indoor rug water repellant uv resistant for terrasse or pool side


If you have any questions about the care of our outdoor rugs, braided rugs or more generally about the use and colour choice of your next favourite designer rug, the kymo team will be happy to help. In our online shop you will find more iconic models by our designer, multiple winners of the most prestigious awards in the design world. 

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