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Soft like real fur, and yet man-made. With our new faux fur rug URBAN SOUL, we are breaking new ground and adding to our Class of Leather – not fur, rather a contemporary interpretation.

Faux fur is very popular in the fashion world and is also becoming increasingly popular for modern interiors. Very classically, faux fur lines jacket collars, coat hems, stoles, boots or handbags and makes them both pleasantly soft and visually eye-catching.


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But the trend towards feel-good chic also applies to the home. Soft accents like fluffy blankets and cushion covers skilfully contrast cool surfaces like marble and steel, which have become an integral part of modern interior design.

Once easily distinguishable from real fur, faux fur was often used as a cheaper alternative. But material research has made enormous progress here in recent decades. In the meantime, thanks to the most modern art of knitting, there are accessories made of faux fur for living or clothing that can hardly be distinguished from real fur.


faux fur rug urban soul high quality synthetic fur carpet-1


Our new synthetic fur rug URBAN SOUL is in no way inferior to our rugs made of fur and leather, and it doesn’t lack the touch of luxury that comes with real fur. The finest brocaded artistry means URBAN SOUL is the faux fur designer rug of the moment. 



URBAN SOUL has a sound-absorbing effect thanks to our Supersonic acoustic felt. The luxurious faux fur rug is available in the three modern colours night fog, squirrel and city beach, as well as in our five standard sizes 170x240cm, 200x200cm, 200x300cm, 250x350cm and 300x400cm. Special sizes and shapes are also available on request. 

Are you unsure whether a real fur rug or a faux fur rug would suit your home or interior project better? The kymo team will be happy to advise you. Simply contact us with any questions or browse our online shop from the comfort of your home:


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