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interior design planning the right carpet for your living, dining or bed room


Carpets are not only room accessories, acoustic miracle weapons and foot caressers, but are also ideal for structuring rooms and creating the right ambience. Carpets form islands, especially in large rooms, and combine seating furniture into homely units. The right size is decisive for the desired effect. When planning, it is essential to consider various factors in different areas:



pulvainterior living room rug


The living room is the heart of the house and stands for atmosphere and comfort. This comfort zone often combines various pieces of furniture into an island of seating furniture, couch table, side table and carpet. With enough space, the spaciousness of the room is emphasised with a carpet that is large enough to comfortably accommodate all furniture. 


rug for big living rooms


If the living room is a little smaller, the carpet should be smaller as well. For this purpose, only the front legs of the seating furniture are placed on the carpet to create a greater feeling of space. 


carpet for small living rooms




Rug for dining room table showroom studio b home Toronto Naomi Finlay


A carpet in the dining room needs nerves of steel. There is a simple formula when planning a carpet for the dining table: The distance from the edge of the table to the edge of the carpet should be at least 70 cm so that you do not get caught on the edge when moving the chairs.


dining room carpet under the table




pulvainterior bedroom rug for small bedrooms


Your day will start off even better if you set foot on a pleasantly soft carpet in the morning. There are several options if you wish to have a carpet in your bedroom: For a large bedroom, it is advisable to place the bed and the bedside tables entirely on the carpet. An even-wide edge is particularly harmonious. The width of the bedside tables, for example, can be used for orientation. 


rug for large bedrooms


For a smaller bedroom, choose a slightly smaller carpet so that only the front legs of the bed are placed on the carpet.


carpet for small bedrooms layout




The hallway is the business card of the house and gives a first impression of the residents. It should be inviting and build a bridge between the living and outdoor areas. If you want a carpet in the hallway, you should make sure to set up a sufficient “clean walk area” between the front door and the carpet to protect your carpet from moisture and dirt. 


flat round wool rug for hallway City Loft Bergen Design by Tarcise


The size and shape of a hallway carpet should be chosen according to the dimensions of the room. It is important that the front door and any other doors can be opened easily and that the carpet lies flat on the floor and does not become a tripping hazard. In the ideal case you subtract approx. 1.20 metres from the length of the corridor. You should leave at least 20 to 25 cm space to the sides. 


Size finder




Pulva Interior (1), (3)

Studio b showroom in Toronto, photo by Naomi Finlay (2)

City loft in Bergen, interior design by Tarcise (4)


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