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modern soft rug with elegant shine in maritime colours


Our new designer rug SEA:LIGHTS captivates with its understated sheen, mixed with a matte base of high quality New Zealand wool. Highly sound absorbent and soft textured, this rug offers soft elegance for the living room or bedroom.

An evening walk on the beach. The sand, still warm from the day, beneath your feet, blown by a salty-cool breeze. A delicate sparkle on the surface of the water breaks through the darkness. Small dancing lights sway on the crests of the waves and drift towards the shore. An ocean full of glittering stars, washed up on the beach and at our feet with every wave.


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The rare phenomenon of milky seas, also known as mareel, cannot be observed on every coast. It is caused by the bioluminescent marine species  Noctiluca scintillans (popularly known as "sea sparkle"), which is mainly native to tropical and subtropical waters. When the conditions are right, larger swarms appear mainly on coasts and beaches where currents of nutrient-rich seawater swirl upwards. Anyone who has experienced it will never forget this gently glowing spectacle. 


Inspired by this wonder of nature, our modern designer carpet SEA:LIGHTS captivates its viewer with a hand-woven yarn blend of the finest New Zealand wool and gossamer banana silk. While the restrained matt wool content gives this rug almost endless depth, the banana silk provides its radiant, intensely shiny accents.


elegant rug sealights maritime colours soft modern shine-1


Bananasilk is a delicate, low-lint continuous fibre based on cellulose and made entirely from renewable raw materials. The wool content of the carpet also ensures a pleasant indoor climate. In addition, as befits a modern kymo design, the carpet is equipped with our Supersonic acoustic felt for extra stability and sound absorption. 



Our modern SEA:LIGHTS carpet is available in six maritime colours that fit into any living environment while bringing a breeze of sea air into the room: jellyfish, chalk cliff, driftwood, dolphin, basalt, deep sea. Special colours and shapes are also available on request. If you have any questions, the kymo team of carpet and design experts will be happy to help and advise you. 


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