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washable polypropylene rug customisable design suitable for indoor and outdoor use


The squaring of the circle rethought. The latest designer piece by Eva Langhans surprises with its versatility: OPEN LOOP is equally suitable for indoors and outdoors and offers almost infinite combination possibilities. The individual modules from which the carpet is carefully sewn together by hand can be arranged individually.


This carpet artwork follows the simple principle of the four-four time signature of a good pop song.

The rug is first made as a closed circular pattern of strong, braided polypropylene strands, then cut into square quarters and reassembled.  Thus opened up, the pattern and structure of this indoor/outdoor rug create a space full of new dynamics. 


customisable indoor and outdoor rug with modern circle design


Four possible orientations per module and, depending on the size of the rug, 12 to 35 modules - this results in a large playing field for your creativity. If you want, you can create a completely regular pattern, for example in the style of waves, moons or individual quarters. 


If you prefer to let the pattern flow, you can connect several sections together like a road or a river. The remaining circle segments line the imaginary path. 


light grey outdoor rug washable with customisable black circle design


This was also the inspiration of our head designer: 


"I have long wanted to transfer the play and the freedom to create something new onto a rug. With OPEN LOOP, this has been achieved in a way that allows everyone to give free rein to their creativity. Roads and paths meandering through the landscape were the inspiration. In stylised form, this motif lives on in the Floorwear." - Eva Langhans, Creative Director


This extraordinary designer carpet is available in four colour combinations; custom colours or swapping accent and base colour are also possible on request. 



In addition to being customisable, the rug is also suitable for outdoor use and its robustness makes it ideal for balconies, terraces, poolside, kitchens, modern spa areas and corridors.


modern outdoor or indoor rug with customisable circle design


Thanks to the modular structure, in addition to our standard sizes 180x240 cm, 240x240 cm, 240x300 cm, 240x360 cm and 300x420 cm, long runners for hallways or balconies in particular, as well as square rug shapes are also possible on request. All realisable sizes are based on a multiple of 60cm, the edge length of a single rug module.


Its elaborate handmade design starting from the center of each circle and the careful, flat stitching between the circle, square elements and modules also ensure that the OPEN LOOP outdoor rug is reversible. Thanks to the water-repellent polypropylene material, you can easily clean this artistic designer rug with a garden hose, for example. Then hang it up to dry. Polypropylene yarn is colourfast, weatherproof, particularly water-saving in production, long-lasting and easily recyclable, as it is unmixed.


white and blue outdoor rug with customisable braided circle design open loop


Unlike its sister model MIXTAPE, which is also braided, each braided strand consists of only one colour. This makes the modern contrast between the two colours of the carpet look even more intense. Its spinneret-dyed fibres make its production environmentally friendly and the carpet UV-resistant, so you can enjoy your OPEN LOOP braided rug indoors and outdoors. 


Unlimited freedom in geometric versatility.


grey outdoor rug with black circle design customisable and washable


If you have any questions about use, carpet care, the right size or the perfect placement, the kymo team will be happy to provide you with individual advice on your designer rug.


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