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natural undyed wool rug grey handwoven


Low clouds cling to the mountains. Thick wisps of mist creep across the Highland plaints. The cold, clear air smells of rich moss and damp stone. Grazing sheep move across the countryside, their thick coats calmly defying the harsh northern winds.

As cosy and soft as a fluffy plaid on cold winter days, TWEED fulfils our need for warmth and a sense of shelter. 



Our new wool rug is reminiscent of the Scottish tweed fabric made of robust wool and thus gets its name. As with the classic tweed, the basis is pure wool, which is processed by hand into a dense fabric. Since this fabric was developed as protection against wind and weather, it has to be able to withstand a lot. There are even self-healing tweeds that have been specially developed for clothing against thorns and dense bushes. Other varieties, on the other hand, nestle against the skin as softly and elegantly as possible. 


natural undyed wool rug handwoven grey with sound-absorbing felt-backing TWEED


Our TWEED achieves its wonderfully soft surface through a yarn that is only loosely spun, allowing it to unfold all its naturalness. However, this also makes it somewhat more sensitive to mechanical stress. This wool carpet is therefore perfect for rooms with less through traffic, such as bedrooms and living rooms, but can also be used in the dining area if the chair legs are not too thin. This is because the wool itself is not sensitive. We always recommend the use of furniture glides for safety.


natural grey undyed wool rug for modern living rooms

It owes its original charm and robust character to thick strands of natural wool. These aren’t died in colours found naturally but sorted so perfectly that the natural colouring is retained in the yarn and woven into a complete overall picture. This not only ensures an extra natural colour structure, but also saves water in the manufacturing process and protects the environment by avoiding dyeing.


raw wool sorted by colour to make sustainable handwoven wool rugs without dyeing


The soft fringes at the edge also create the classic look, which are naturally formed from the warp threads of the modern, double-strand weave pattern. 


natural undyed wool rug handwoven grey with fringes and sound-absorbing felt-backing TWEED-1


In addition, it features an almost invisible felt backing, which helps the Floorwear® to lie smoothly and has a pleasant, sound-absorbing effect. As a high-quality wool rug, this model is also suitable for rooms with underfloor heating, ensuring all-round comfort.

So, in this way, TWEED creates pure relaxation and a calm atmosphere for cosy moments at home.


grey undyed wool rug for cosy living


Our wool carpet is available in the standard sizes 170x240 cm, 200x200 cm, 200x300 cm, 250x350 cm and 300x400 cm for larger or smaller living rooms and other feel-good spaces. If you would like advice on choosing a wool carpet or on other materials, the kymo team will be happy to help!


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