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Experimental is the home of remarkable design and unique Floorwear®, recognised not so infrequently with various design awards.

handmade blue and grey patchwork designer rug with different sized patches
Innovationspreis Architektur logo.
The Mashup Concept Edition

Design by Eva Langhans & Thomas Follner

Individually configured. Homogeneous raw materials, countless options for adapting the patterns and colours to suit any interior design concept or environment.

grey minimalist patchwork designer rug handmade from large square patches
The Mashup Cubik

Design by Eva Langhans

One colour - one pattern. Minimalism. A patchwork design of the next generation, with modules that are more extensive.

yellow vintage designer handknotted with geometric print
The Mashup Pure Edition Geometric

No patchwork effects. No complicated edges. So nothing to distract the beholder from the raw beauty of these masterpieces.

dark blue vintage rug handknotted from wool with classic mirror design
The Mashup Pure Edition Antique

Reminiscence of bygone times created by a knotted mirror design – an effect that really comes into its own combined with the strong colours.

new Grey carpet of intersecting bands

Design by Eva Langhans

The border crosser among carpets

new Flat carpet with two-colour statement design

Design by Eva Langhans

OPEN LOOP breaks up familiar patterns and playfully treads new paths in endless recombination of itself.

Experimental - Our best projects

The individual ambience of any company in relaxation areas, stylish conference rooms, fancy living rooms and lots more …