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The Lab

The Lab features very fashionable designs with a contemporary colour range.

Natural coloured wool carpet in minimalist Berber design
Moroccan Nomad

Design by Katharina Tannous

Clear contours in minimalist diamond patterns, punctuated by light and shade: MOROCCAN NOMAD.

Natural honey wool rug with minimalist rose pattern.
Moroccan Rose

Design by Katharina Tannous

MOROCCAN ROSE also captures the heat of the desert, toying with diamonds and triangles to produce minimalist patterns of roses.

braided green rug suitable for outdoor use made from durable polypropylene

The perfect blend, pulled together with care and attention. And always says something important about its creator.

Natural-looking outdoor carpet in a freeform design.

Design by Eva Langhans

A single line that begins in the centre and emerges into an organic form. The rug is created in exactly the same way.

Light outdoor rug with fringes in contrasting colour.

Super flat. Super easy. Super convertible. SUPERFLAT. A hand-woven all-rounder for difficult areas indoors and of course also cuts a fine figure outdoors.

dark blue wool rug with modern wave design in overlapping patterns awarded with the German Design Award 2021
German Design Award Special 2021 logo.
New Wave

Design by Katharina Tannous

NEW WAVE is not just about the music scene of the early 1980s – now it’s also about a kymo FLOORWEAR® equally as quiet, wistful and fascinating.

The Lab - Our best projects

Novel ideas and inspiring designs from The Lab are a recipe for a whole host of amazing and successful projects: exhibitions, luxury villas and much more…