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handmade patchwork rug german design and manufacturing


A year in development, this exclusive design concept – based on mine and Thomas Follner’s idea – transformed perfectly into a piece of walk-in art. First presented in 2010, it was then awarded the renowned iF Product Design Award the following year.

green handmade patchwork rug german design and manufacturing


THE MASHUP Collectors Edition has been touring the world with Handmade in Germany
since 2017. This iconic FLOORWEAR® piece celebrates its 10th anniversary this year!
And, because even the finest details are handcrafted in every piece, the final product is a
truly unique and characterful artwork. 




"Thomas and I wanted to create something unexpected. We had to dare to break up old structures in order to create change in a product that shines all the more brightly in a modern day context. The foundations from ancient times are processed with the appreciation of their art.

The special thing about it: normally we tend to hide traces of wear and repair. Here we use both as design elements and accentuation. They become independent components of the carpet and toghether with the fragments, tell old and new stories."

 - Eva Langhans, kymo Creative Director


bleachfree german patchwork designer carpet




In the first step, we select quality, handmade oriental rugs, which serve as the raw material.

Older rugs also show their character through irrevocable wear and tear – signs of the history found in near-antique pieces.


In the next step, the raw material is printed. The colours in our prints are harmless in terms of their ecological impact. Because we don't use bleaches out of conviction, the colour of the basic fabric is added to the print colour in the final look.




modular customisable handmade patchwork rug german design and manufacturing


The printed carpets get their unmistakable patina in intricate handwork and are cut into different sized modules. kymo designer Katharina Tannous and me design the arrangement of the individual modules to create a new, modern THE MASHUP Collectors Edition.


With each piece laid out in the manufactory, the first mock-up is rearranged again and again
until every section fits together to form a complete picture. The process is similar to
painting. The result is a painting on the floor, complete with complex nuances and




choose the right yarn colour for your unique patchwork designer rug


Depending on the raw materials’ primary colour, printing and patterning, a restrained
harmonious composition or a statement rug full of colourful accents is created. 


A suitable colour for the yarn is then selected too. We designed an unmistakable seam pattern. On this basis, the seamster or seamstress leaves their very own signature on the work as they put the sections together. The composition of the raw material determines how the countless seams come together.


sewing a handmade patchwork rug german design and manufacturing


After connecting the individual modules to create a single piece, the special anti-slip backing is added. It stabilizes THE MASHUP Collectors Edition on all surfaces and also improves room acoustics. 


As a last step, the edges are sealed. The robust bevelling isn't just super contemporary, it also protects the edges and makes them straight. Your Collectors Edition is then tested one last time, packaged safely and is then sent on its way to its new home. 

modern handmade patchwork rug german design and manufacturing




We gaze with pride upon every THE MASHUP Collectors Edition as, after completing the
complex production process, it finally lies beneath our feet. Because each piece carries
not only the journey of its valuable components, which often dates back many decades,
but also the heart and soul of all involved – those who have crafted a unique piece with
individual flair.


blue handmade patchwork carpet german design and manufacturing


We would like to celebrate the 10th anniversary with you. For this reason, we’ve put
together a handful of very special THE MASHUP Collectors Edition pieces. These are signed by all involved. Can you find the perfect one for you? If you are interested in these exclusive compositions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about your rug.


To the new layouts


If you also feel like choosing an already finished THE MASHUP Collectors Edition, you can
browse through those available here. These unique pieces are available now.

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