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exceptional designer rug unique piece with modern patchwork design THE MASHUP green patchwork carpet


If you feel like choosing an already finished THE MASHUP Collectors Edition, you can browse through these unique pieces. They are available now.



Deconstruct the familiar and put it in a wholly contemporary context – how better to sum up the principle behind THE MASHUP? Basically, each THE MASHUP rug is a unique piece. Quality, handmade oriental rugs serve as the raw material for THE MASHUP, which are printed and then rendered a "vintage look" in several complex, hand-crafted steps (without adding environmentally questionable bleaches).

If you would like to learn more about the elaborate handcraft required to make each of these unique pieces, take a look at the stages of manufacturing here


9380_THE MASHUP Collectors Edition_grey, blue & red_140x209_5-2

grey, blue & red

size 140x209cm

ID 9380


1211_THE MASHUP Collectors Edition_grey_140x200_1-1


size 140x200cm

ID 1211


1216_THE MASHUP Collectors Edition_green_206x310_1


size 206x310cm

ID 1216


8730_THE MASHUP Collectors Edition_brown & orange_300x300_1

brown & orange

size 300x300cm

ID 8730


9749_THE MASHUP Collectors Edition_canari & turquoise_230x290_1

canari & turquoise

size 230x290cm

ID 9749


9630_THE MASHUP Collectors Edition_sea green_140x200_1-1

sea green

size 140x200cm

ID 9630


9531_THE MASHUP Collectors Edition_brown & lemongreen_170x230_5-1

brown & lemongreen

size 170x230cm

ID 9531


9871_THE MASHUP Collectors Edition_capri blue & royal navy_200x290_1

capri blue & royal navy

size 200x290cm

ID 9871


8805_THE MASHUP Collectors Edition special silk_turquoise_140x230_1_price on request

turquoise (pure silk)

size 140x230cm

ID 8805


8530_THE MASHUP Collectors Kelim Edition_red, beige & green_260x350_2

Kelim Edition red, beige & green

size 260x350cm

ID 8530


8969_THE MASHUP Nomad Edition_grey & black_200x290

Kelim Edition grey & black

size 200x290cm

ID 8969


This iconic FLOORWEAR® piece celebrates its 10th anniversary this year! To mark the occasion, we have come up with something truly special. You can get to see the development of some exclusive design layouts here




When traditional surfaces fade, it’s time to clear the way for an injection of modernity. This is THE MASHUP ABSTRCT. Combining the techniques of an oriental rug and refined by the tools of the 21st century, the design however, is a concept of its origins.


9211_ THE MASHUP ABSTRCT with black border_grey sky & red_170x230_1

with black border

size 170x230cm

ID 9211


8660_THE MASHUP ABSTRCT_grey & red with silver stitching_CUBIK patch size_170x260_2

grey & red with silver stitching & black border

size 170x260cm

ID 8660


8505_THE MASHUP ABSTRCT_special colour earthgrey & red_170x230_1

earthgrey & red

size 170x230cm

ID 8505


8762_THE MASHUP ABSTRCT_yellow & red with silver sewing_170x230

yellow & red with silver stitching

size 170x230cm

ID 8762


8618_THE MASHUP ABSTRCT_grey sky & red_140x200_1

grey sky & red

size 140x200cm

ID 8618


8523_THE MASHUP ABSTRCT_yellow & red_140x170_1

yellow & red

size 140x170cm

ID 8523


8503_THE MASHUP ABSTRCT_orange & red_170x230_1

orange & red

size 170x230cm

ID 8503


8661_THE MASHUP ABSTRCT_grey & red with red stitching_CUBIK patch size_170x260_2

grey & red with black border

size 170x260cm

ID 8661


8508_THE MASHUP ABSTRCT with imprint_yellow & red_230x290_1

yellow & red with imprint

size 230x290cm

ID 8508





THE MASHUP CUBIK builds a unique bridge between THE MASHUP and minimalism. The result? A patchwork design of the next generation, with modules that are more extensive than you may be used to from the conventional range of THE MASHUP. The formats and sizes have been kept uniform, giving it a clear structure with an amazing ability to instil tranquillity. The only real difference is the stitching, which is the icing on the cake: despite its rebelliousness, it provides a lynchpin for all the modules by adding amazing contrast. 


8582_THE MASHUP CUBIK ABSTRCT Edition_grey sky_350x350_1

grey sky with red ground like ABSTRCT

size 350x350cm

ID 8582


8349_THE MASHUP CUBIK_grey sky_260x260

grey sky 

size 260x260cm

ID 8349


9723_THE MASHUP CUBIK_black, grey & grey sky_260x260_2

black, grey & grey sky

size 260x260cm

ID 9723





THE MASHUP CONCEPT EDITION is based entirely on quality, handmade oriental rugs that have been made specifically for THE MASHUP carpets. Because the raw material is so homogeneous, countless options are available for adapting the patterns and colours of THE MASHUP CONCEPT EDITION to suit any interior design concept or environment.


8518_THE MASHUP Concept Edition_grey, anthracite & black_290x290

grey, anthracite & black

size 290x290cm

ID 8518


8507_THE MASHUP Concept Edition_special colour black aubergine_200x230_1

black aubergine

size 200x230cm

ID 8507


8797_THE MASHUP Concept Edition special quality & colour_dark lavender blue_230x350_1

dark lavender blue

size 230x350cm

ID 8797


5015_THE MASHUP Concept Edition_lilac_140x200_1


size 140x200cm

ID 5015





Magma. A life in total darkness. Motion in unyielding stone. Colour in the shadows and heat deep inside the core. These contrasts are in a constant state of interaction and create a force that gives way to the new.
THE MASHUP MAGMA expresses the tension inherent in these elemental forces in every fibre. With its reduced colour scheme in combination with an iridescent red textile core, displayed in the shearing method the carpet uses, it radiates a mighty sense of vitality that immediately grabs your attention. 


5000_THE MASHUP MAGMA_smoke black_290x410

smoke black

sizes 100x100cm or 98x178cm or 290x410cm

ID 5000


8881_THE MASHUP MAGMA_royal navy_200x240_2

royal navy (floral design)

size 200x240cm

ID 8881


8731_THE MASHUP MAGMA special vintage edition_black_200x290_1

black (special vintage edition)

size 200x290cm

ID 8731


8504_THE MASHUP ABSTRCT_special colour turquoise & green_170x230_1

turquoise & green

size 170x230cm

ID 8504





Flowery. Pictorial. Classic. And yet a wholly contemporary take, lending THE MASHUP FRESCO that faded, yet impressive beauty that wall paintings have. 


5005_THE MASHUP Fresco Series_capri blue_170x230_1

capri blue

sizes 170x230cm or 98x178cm

ID 5005


If you are interested in these exclusive compositions, please speak to us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about your rug.


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