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Polyester Range

The Polyester Range presents classic  high pile rugs for that distinct lounge feeling.

fluffy beige high-pile rug handmade from polyester
SG Airy Premium

Its voluminous appearance, has the necessary spritz of style that makes it feel as comfortable in a lounge as an olive does in a martini.

fluffy grey high-pile rug made from polyester
SG Airy Premium Blend

In the Blend Variation the play of colours is becoming even more intensive by a combination of 2 to 3 different colours.

fluffy yellow rug handmade from polyester
SG Airy Premium Low Cut

The short pile displays its faceted colour effect just as proudly while maintaining a decidedly minimalistic air.

fluffy light grey rug made from polyester
SG Airy Premium Blend Low Cut

The substantially shorter pile continues an ardent minimalism without a loss to its inherent vivacity.

new High pile carpet with colour gradient
SG Airy Premium Gradient

Two colours combine to create a soft colour gradient. Any combination of our standard colours is possible.

new Grey, voluminous high pile carpet with delicately twisted fibres
SG Dive PolySilk

Whether abyssal deep relaxation or cosiness in the current of life - the SG Dive PolySilk invites you to dive down.

grey plain sustainable outdoor rug made from water-repellent recycled PET
MARK 2 Outdoor

MARK 2 Outdoor combines the timeless chic of its sister models with a sustainable versatility. Hand-tufted from recycled PET, it is water-repellent, sustainable and robust, yet remains stylish.

Polyester Range - Our best projects

That lounge feeling with plenty of panache to add colour to any project, from hotels to luxury yachts…