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Polyester Range SG Airy Premium Gradient

SG Airy Premium Gradient

Sometimes it glides gently, warmly and barely perceptible over fields and whirls playfully through the air like a wild dove, sometimes it powerfully drives steel-grey storm clouds before it and whips the icy sea into high waves. The play of the wind shifts colours, shapes and structures. Based on this, the SG Airy Premium changes its appearance with every movement and shimmers in the most diverse facets depending on the incidence of light. In the "Gradient" version, two colours combine to form a gentle colour gradient. Any combination of our standard colours is possible. This adds another dimension to the wonderful play of light and shade. The result is a floorwear as picturesque as a sunrise or as poetic as a change of weather from rain to sunshine. The fine polyester threads that give this Floorwear® its airy, voluminous character are delicate yet very robust. The closed structure of the polyester prevents dust, dirt and moisture from penetrating the fibres, making this high-pile carpet particularly easy to clean and allergy-friendly. With playful lightness, the SG Airy Premium Gradient provides the typical lounge flair and brings a breath of fresh air into every room.

ash grey & icey grey

ash grey & icey grey

coffee bean & roasted chestnut

coffee bean & roasted chestnut

solid steel & beige grey

solid steel & beige grey

wild dove & creme beige

wild dove & creme beige

seagull & creme beige

seagull & creme beige

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Product details

Surface material




Standard sizes

170x240 cm | 200x200 cm | 200x300 cm | 250x350 cm | 300x400 cm

Custom sizes


Maximum size

300x500 cm

Custom shapes


Custom colors


Outdoor use

not suitable

Suitable for floor heating


Acoustic behavior

very strongly sound absorbing

Electrostatic behavior

anti static

Capability to restore

good capability to restore: suitable for tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides.



Overall weight per square meter

6,5 kg / m2

Total height

4,5 cm

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