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Wool Range SG Northern Soul Low Cut

SG Northern Soul Low Cut

NORTHERN SOUL is one of the oldest musical trends in the Western world still in existence. It has been powered by a fascination of rare, largely unknown but very danceable soul music for over forty years. It’s how a lively clubbing scene came into being and was quietly able to hold its ground alongside all the trends that have emerged over the decades.NORTHERN SOUL is also the longing for warmth and comfort, however, especially during the cold winter months. This has been typical in cultures from colder climes for a long time but, with the continuing hygge trend, naturalness is making its way into our living rooms too. The vibrant blend of thick strands of wool and fine, shiny threads of polyester render the SG NORTHERN SOUL so authentic, so organic that you are almost tempted to smell it – how can the ‘ocean blend’ edition not smell like aromatic sea air, or the ‘green grass’ like a juicy meadow? The SG Northern Soul Low Cut comes with its shorter pile and a rascally look.

nature white

nature white

lily white

lily white

stone grey

stone grey

salt & pepper

salt & pepper



grey mélange

grey mélange

concrete aubergine

concrete aubergine

nordic sand

nordic sand

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Product details

Surface material

New Zealand wool & polyester



Standard sizes

170x240 cm | 200x200 cm | 200x300 cm | 250x350 cm | 300x400 cm

Custom sizes


Maximum size

500x2500 cm

Custom shapes


Custom colors

on request

Outdoor use

not suitable

Suitable for floor heating


Acoustic behavior

very strongly sound absorbing

Electrostatic behavior

anti static

Capability to restore

good capability to restore: suitable for tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides.



Overall weight per square meter

3,7 kg / m2

Total height

2,8 cm

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