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Wool Range

The Wool Range shows several souls of natural wool inspired by Scandinavian design.

handwoven wool rug in natural colours and scandinavian style
Nordic Plain

Like delicate blossoms symbolising life in this unworldly landscape, bright strands of viscose woven through soft strands of colourful wool.

handwoven wool rug with droplet structure in natural colours with dark blue contrast yarn
Nordic Drop

There they lie, like pearls of morning dew. Droplets in relief, which not only meet the eye of the beholder, they can also be sensed on the skin …

handknotted wool rug in natural plain colours

Finest wool. For that inimitable natural touch. And that’s enough said at the end of the day – about the perfect carpet.

new Handwoven wool rug with light chequered pattern in natural colour

It owes its original charm and robust character to thick strands of natural wool. The soft fringes at the edge also create the classic look.

brown handwoven kilim with red abstract stitching
Kelim Motifs Tree of Life

Design by Katharina Tannous

The tree of life has been a symbol of the circle of existence, from beginning to end, for thousands of years. It is also the embodiment of fertility, the...

fluffy handmade wool rug with long grey pile
SG Northern Soul

Lush meadows and steep rocks. A vast countryside uninhibited and refreshing – a small wooden cottage, warm and invigorating.

fluffy handmade wool rug with yellow and white pile in scandinavian style
SG Northern Soul Low Cut

The thick yarn of the natural warmth-providing wool in combination with thin polyester threads lends this carpet a fresh vivacity.

Wool Range - Our best projects

Warm, natural, subtle elegance for apartments, beach homes and more…