Wow, that went fast: it’s now been 10 years since kymo entered the universe of carpets. And we’re still there now. Because ever since, everything that was and is kymo has revolved around creating carpets that inspire – beautiful carpets, thanks not just to our uncanny ability to create whole new worlds, but also thanks to a brand name we’re most certanimously proud of: Floorwear®. What fuelled this journey? A brand philosophy called GO ON. AND CREATE. It allowed kymo to evolve into a premium contemporary Floorwear® brand. And now it plays a pioneering role within our design company as a whole. So if we consider the calibre of companies we currently count among our many clients and business partners, there are some of the world’s leading furniture stores and architects in there. Not to mention a whole host of global luxury and lifestyle brands.

It all started in Karlsruhe in the Rhine valley (southwest Germany). We’re still strongly attached to this place (well it’s our home city). And now we’re looking forward to the next big step. So we’ll soon be moving to Kreativpark Karlsruhe. It’s one of those ‘incubator’ thingies, a fountain of creativity that’s already home to an eclectic and exciting mixture of firms - from architects to IT experts and art associations. For us, it’s ideal for continuing on our journey and keeping things moving forward. Not only does it offer us plenty of room to expand, we can also now set up our own 100 square metre kymo showroom – perfect for our overall brand concept.

As for the future, our aim is to continue on this path of expansion and win yet more design prizes. Naturally, we’ll also be welcoming more clients and business partners to the inspirational world of kymo. Which is what all this is about. You see, we’re currently seeking capable and motivated people to join our team. People who are as eager to learn as we are. With the brains (and ideas) it takes to explore new worlds (of carpets), experience more and mightier, and keep kymo moving forward. Just one reason why we’re keen to meet new people like you...