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patchwork designer rug handmade german design


Every THE MASHUP Collectors Edition is truly unique. For this design icon’s 10th anniversary, we have come up with something truly special. To mark the occasion, you will get to see the development of some exclusive designs.

These designs are already brimming with character but can still be adapted to your preferences. Whether that’s a matter of size, the choice of thread or a few finer changes to the layout. 


It has never been so easy to fall in love with a THE MASHUP Collectors Edition, but be quick – there is only one of each rug. The finished pieces are handsigned by all involved. If you would like to learn more about the elaborate handcraft required to make each of these unique pieces, take a look at the stages of production here



Layout #1

German designer rug handmade mashup collectors lilac turquoise

 THE MASHUP Collectors Edition Layout lilac & turquoise 

Maximum size of the finished rug 290 x 350cm



Layout #2

German designer patchwork rug handmade mashup collectors grey brown

 THE MASHUP Collectors Edition Layout grey & brown

Maximum size 170 x 290cm



Layout #3

German designer rug handmade customisable mashup collectors beige green

THE MASHUP Collectors Edition Layout beige & green 

Maximum size 210 x 210cm 


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If you also feel like choosing an already finished THE MASHUP Collectors Edition, you can
browse through those available here. These unique pieces are available now.

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