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Wool Range Tweed


Low clouds cling to the mountains. Thick wisps of mist creep across the Highland plains. The cold, clear air smells of rich moss and damp stone. Grazing sheep move across the countryside, their thick coats calmly defying the harsh northern winds. As cosy and soft as a fluffy plaid on cold winter days, TWEED fulfils our need for warmth and a sense of shelter. It owes its original charm and robust character to thick strands of natural wool. These aren’t died in colours found naturally but sorted so perfectly that the natural colouring is retained in the yarn and woven into a complete overall picture. The soft fringes at the edge also create the classic look. In addition, it features an almost invisible felt backing, which helps the Floorwear® to lie smoothly and has a pleasant, sound-absorbing effect. So, in this way, TWEED creates pure relaxation and a calm atmosphere for cosy moments at home.

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highland grey

highland grey

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Product details

Surface material

natural wool, partly undyed



Standard sizes

170x240 cm | 200x200 cm | 200x300 cm | 250x350 cm | 300x400 cm

Overall weight per square meter

2,85 kg / m2

Total height

1,3 cm